Either Oil Perfume
Either Oil Perfume

Either Oil Perfume

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Transcendence. Purification. Transformation. 

A very precious blend of essential oils that are ideal for rest, relaxation & rituals. The perfect facilitator for spiritual practices such as yoga & meditation- this oil will help slow breathing rate and tap into deeper thought processes Ether or “akasha” is the first of the five elements in Ayurveda. It is the basis for all other elements as it represents emptiness and space. Warm woody notes from Sandalwood combined with the alluring amber- sweet & resinous make this scent truly irresistible.               

Amber essential oil is produced from sap formed on trees, it is known as 'gateway to the past' as it traps DNA and cellular memory from the plant thousands of years prior. Palo santo elevates the spirit and increases positive energy. Sandalwood is renowned for its grounding properties and ability to re-establish balance within the body, mind & spirit by bringing us back to our essential selves. 

Directions: roll onto crown of head, base of skull & base of spine as needed. Oils can deteriorate in light, store upright in a cool dark place.

Patch test before use. Discontinue use if irritation occurs. 



Organic Sunflower Seed Oil. Cold Pressed. Australia. 

Sandalwood Essential Oil. Steam Distilled. Australia. 

Neroli Essential Oil. Steam Distilled. Egypt. 

Frankincense Essential Oil. Steam Distilled. India. 

Amber Essential Oil. Steam Distilled. Denmark. 

Palo Santo. Steam Distilled. Peru. 



15mL glass amber bottle with stainless steel roller ball