Studium - Masculine Oil Perfume
Studium - Masculine Oil Perfume

Studium - Masculine Oil Perfume

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In both Ayurvedic and Traditional Chinese Medicine, the earth element represents stability and nourishment. The oils in this perfume have primarily yin energy, meaning they are excellent when you need to slow down & soften. The unisex scent has a combination of deep, woody & smoky notes. Ideal for grounding during times of restlessness, meditation & long distance travel.
Like a big, comforting hug. 
Directions: roll on to wrists, behind the ears, temples or pulse points as needed. 
Oils can deteriorate in light, store upright in a cool dark place.
Patch test before use. 

Organic Sunflower Oil. Cold Pressed. Australia. 

Vetiver essential oil. Steam distilled. Indonesia. 

Cypress essential oil. Steam Distilled. France.  

Juniperberry essential oil. Steam distilled. Himalayas.

Bergamot rind essential oil. Cold pressed. Italy. 



15mL amber glass bottle with stainless steel roller & plastic cap