Maddie Deere

Maddie is a ceramic artist who trained at the University of South Australia, graduating in 2012. While at university her work focussed around teapots, and the daily rituals of making tea, eating and drinking which make ceramics a necessity in our everyday lives.

She spent 4 years travelling in Canada, taking residencies in studios in Vancouver and Montreal. The studio in Montreal, Beardbangs, was where Maddie began supervising in the studio and teaching. She spent a year developing a commercial line of cups for a cafe called My Little Cup.

Now she is back in her hometown, Maddie's studio is situated in Balhannah, in the Adelaide hills, surrounded by vineyards and open paddocks. She spends her days working with her Jack Russell terrier Freddie keeping her company. She runs hand building and wheel throwing classes as well as offering former students space to continue their journey with clay.

Her current work focuses first and foremost on funtion. She creates streamlined work that finds a place as a useful object in the home. She likes visibly handmade objects, where the user may feel the marks of the maker.