Alpaca Knit Cropped Jumper - Cream
Alpaca Knit Cropped Jumper - Cream
Alpaca Knit Cropped Jumper - Cream
Alpaca Knit

Alpaca Knit Cropped Jumper - Cream

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Suri is a type of Alpaca known for its long hair and super soft fibre. This cropped style has a super comfortable fit, with long sleeves and a short turtle neck. Lightweight yet very warm, this crop has been hand-knitted in Peru using a blend of 70% Suri Alpaca and 30% Merino wool.

SMALL/MEDIUM Fits 8 / 10

Width: 62 CM
Length: 40 CM
Sleeve: 42 CM

MEDIUM/LARGE Fits 10 / 12

Width: 66 CM
Length: 46 CM
Sleeve: 46 CM

All Alpaca knitwear should be hand-washed with soft liquid detergent (or shampoo) in cold water. Soak it for a few minutes and wash it gently. Do not twist or scrub. Rinse and squeeze gently. Dry flat on top of a towel (to help absorption) away from direct heat or sunlight.

If you look after your Alpaca knitwear, it can last a lifetime, but be careful of moths or other insects. Fold it, do not hang it otherwise it can stretch. Store in a fabric bag during the warm season.

This ethical knitwear is sourced responsibly, supporting and preserving traditional weaving techniques from Andes of Peru. 

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