Eco Shoulder Bag - Beige

Eco Shoulder Bag - Beige

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Made from Made from 16 x 500ml Recycled Plastic Bottle

Our products use Regen, a recycled polyester fabric produced by internationally renowned synthetic fiber manufacturer Hyosung. Regen significantly reduces carbon dioxide emissions and waste disposal by extracting and reusing components of disposed plastic bottles, resulting in a net saving in petroleum resources.

Regen is the world’s first recycled fabric product to receive the GRS (Global Recycle Standard) Certification from Dutch green product rating organization Control Union.

The amount of Regen that goes into making one of our bag is equivalent to approximately 16 x 500ml plastic bottles

Less Waste

Our bags are knitted. Instead of sewing together cut pieces of fabric, the products are deliberately sculpted out of the material. This allows us to eliminate scraps and waste from our manufacturing process.

Permanent Pleats & Easy Wash

Patened pleat design does not come from heat or chemical treatment, instead being structurally imbedded into the architecture of the bag. Thanks to this, neither time nor the washing machine will flatten the pleats anytime soon.

Material: Polyster 93% Spandex 7%

Size: 34cm (W) 40cm (H) with String (Cross Section) 70cm

Origin: South Korea, Pleatsmama, SONG GANG INTERNATIONAL Co., Ltd

Handling Instruction: Neutral Detergent Use Only Hand Wash / Lying Dry / No Bleach

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