Engel - Baby Organic Wool Blanket - Natural

Engel - Baby Organic Wool Blanket - Natural

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Engel is one of the original champions of untreated organic merino wool clothes. The wool comes from Merino sheep kept in their natural environment, organically farmed and therefore living a healthy and stress-free life. The usage of pesticides is forbidden both on pastures and on animals. All of Engel’s products are organic (GOTS certfied) and produced in Germany. All the dyestuffs used are free from heavy metals and free from harmful AZO-dyes.

The brands philosophy, which they have pursued from the start, is to provide their customers with high-quality, ecologically compatible, feel-good products which can be bought with a clear conscience and out of conviction.
Renewable raw materials are used and Engel make sure that the finished garments contain no pollutants. They also avoid completely, the use of substances that are harmful to health or the environment during the entire garment production process. Waste is avoided wherever possible.

Engel are committed to fair, safe employment for a fair wage, not only in our own company but throughout all the production stages.

These thick wool fleece baby blankets are incredibly soft and warm. A really versatile item, great for use in the home as well as out and about in the buggy. The perfect insulating layer to add a little extra warmth whenever its needed. 

Size approx: 80 x 100 cm.

This item should be hand washed cold.

All the dyestuffs are free from heavy metals and free from harmful AZO-dyes.

Care: This is untreated wool so it has self cleaning and anti bacterial properties. You do not need to wash it very often and to protect the fleece it is best if you do not. Please see care instruction tab.

Made from 100% Organic Merino Wool, GOTS Certified.

Made in Germany.

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