• Transition Farm Organic/Byo-dynamic Seeds - Lettuce 'Jadeite' - Ensemble Studios
  • Transition Farm Organic/Byo-dynamic Seeds - Lettuce 'Jadeite' - Ensemble Studios

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Transition Farm Organic/Byo-dynamic Seeds - Lettuce 'Jadeite'

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Lactuca Sativa

Bigger than a gem romaine with a looser but still bleached blonde heart, Jadeite has a unique matte apple green colour. Described as having a juicy, delicately crunchy texture and a flavour profile enhanced by salt. Easy to clean while still having a conical shape that yields the more buttery heart. Good heat and cold tolerance – given Winter protection, this is a superb all-season variety.

Bred by Frank Morton from a cross between ‘Winter Density’ and ‘Dark Green’ Romaine. Downy Mildew resistant.

OSSI pledged variety.

SEED COUNT: 250 approx

Each seed sold supports public plant breeding research at University of Wisconsin-Madison.



  • Seed produced organically/bio-dynamically is better suited to organic/bio-dynamic growing conditions.

  • We are breeding our seed for flavour, resilience in a low input growing condition and acclimation to our Southern Hemisphere, southern Victorian latitude and climate.

  • Conventional seed production is one of the most chemically intensive types of agriculture.

Bio-dynamic seed crops are grown in living soil within a diverse thriving ecosystem.  

From the time the seed sends out its first roots, it is encouraged to access minerals and nutrients using feeder roots and to form complex symbiotic relationships.  It is nurtured throughout its life by focusing on the health of the whole ecosystem to maintain the balance within the individual plant.  By using photosynthesis to accesses nutrients and build cells, the full nature of the plant’s expression has been guided by sunlight.