Transition Farms Organic/Byo-dynamic Seeds -- Lettuce 'Winter Density' - Lactuca Sativa
Transition Farms Organic/Byo-dynamic Seeds -- Lettuce 'Winter Density' - Lactuca Sativa
Transition Farms Organic/Byo-dynamic Seeds -- Lettuce 'Winter Density' - Lactuca Sativa
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Transition Farms Organic/Byo-dynamic Seeds -- Lettuce 'Winter Density' - Lactuca Sativa

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A wonderful workhorse of a lettuce that withstands both heat and frost. ‘Winter Density’ is a sweeter romaine, with an apple-like crunch, dark green, compact, delicate leaves and thinner ribs. It has a nicely blanched blonde, tight center while the open habit makes it less susceptible to internal tip burn.

Frank Morton describes it has having the ideal “salad ratio” 3:2 length by width that fits so well on the plate, and the “Bibb-cos” texture is a perfect base for any salad.

Fast maturing in 40 days in mid Spring but slow bolting. Performs well tightly spaced at 15cm making it wonderful in intensive plots and unheated Winter greenhouses.

A long-popular English lettuce, known in France as Craquerelle du Midi or Craquante D'Avignon.

SEED COUNT: 250 approx.

Each seed sold supports public plant breeding research at University of Wisconsin-Madison.



  • Seed produced organically/bio-dynamically is better suited to organic/bio-dynamic growing conditions.

  • We are breeding our seed for flavour, resilience in a low input growing condition and acclimation to our Southern Hemisphere, southern Victorian latitude and climate.

  • Conventional seed production is one of the most chemically intensive types of agriculture.

Bio-dynamic seed crops are grown in living soil within a diverse thriving ecosystem.  

From the time the seed sends out its first roots, it is encouraged to access minerals and nutrients using feeder roots and to form complex symbiotic relationships.  It is nurtured throughout its life by focusing on the health of the whole ecosystem to maintain the balance within the individual plant.  By using photosynthesis to accesses nutrients and build cells, the full nature of the plant’s expression has been guided by sunlight.

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