Luke Burgess Prints - Churros
Luke Burgess Prints - Churros
Luke Burgess Prints - Churros

Luke Burgess Prints - Churros

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A1 - Framed in oak and glass

" A single cactus perched above the deep azure of the Pacific ocean in what was once the sleepy hamlet of Mazunte. Whilst hiking along the coastline my eye was drawn to the haphazard yet sculpted contours of this single cactus tree. Capturing several frames on infrared film in strong contrasty light I really didn’t know what to expect. In retrospect this monotone capture details the textures in the scene that may have been lost in colour. The impact of the harsh light and film .
Clear Glass character gives you the impression it could be night not midday. From what i’ve read Mazunte is now massively developed and mirroring it’s much larger neighbour, Acapulco. I can’t be sure this tree is still standing. I hope it is. "




Luke Burgess

I have always had a desire to create and work with my hands. It began in the kitchen, where cooking was my raison d’etre. Naturally, some years later when I first picked up a camera, food was the subject of my initial photographic forays. Through the lens my world quickly expanded, far beyond the table top or the kitchen and revealed an infinite cache of images and moments.
 Shooting professionally for Australian Gourmet Traveller, VE+T, Delicious, Travel and Leisure as well as not for profits and private commissions, I am privileged to find myself amongst rich and inspirational imagery. From sunrises in the Aeolian Islands, heat and dust of Tanzania to the bustle of Tokyo.

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