Holy Mountain - Magik Mushroom
Holy Mountain - Magik Mushroom
Holy Mountain - Magik Mushroom
Holy Mountain

Holy Mountain - Magik Mushroom

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Grounding ~ Protection & Healing ~ Longevity

Restore total health and rejuvenate the body and mind at the deepest levels - find inner strength, awareness and harmony with our combination of some of the most potent healing plants in the world.

Benefits may include:

  • promotes resistance to disease and increased longevity

  • supports heart and circulatory system health

  • helps promote liver function and detoxification

  • helps to stimulate & regulate the immune system

  • reduce oxidative stress in the body

Serving suggestion:
1 teaspoon pairs perfectly with coffee, tea, matcha, warm water/ milk, juice or smoothies. 25-30 Servings per jar.

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