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Melbourne Bushfood - Gumby Gumby Tea

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Gumby Gumby is a native Australian plant that has been used as a traditional natural food for thousands of years by Australia's First Nations People. Currently, there has been researched that indicates Gumby Gumby's healing activities, antiviral and antibacterial properties, and immune-stimulating effects.


Gumby Gumby is a drought and frost-tolerant plant native across many states of Australia. The name is a Parmanyungam word meaning Medicine Plant, a word which belongs to the original custodians of this traditional medicine.

Our natural Gumby Gumby is wild-harvested by hand to ensure a high-quality product that lessens the environmental impact, and has no chemical use (that's no herbicides, or pesticides or anything else that is bad for you and the planet).


Brew Guide:
8 leaves per glass, brew for 10 minutes for optimal extraction.


100% Wild Harvested Gumby Gumby


Plastic-free and non-toxic packaging is made using Kraft paper and corn starch for the inner plastic and non-toxic plant-based inks. 100% biodegradable