Melbourne Bushfood - Wattleseed Pretzel Wh*te Chocolate - VEGAN
Melbourne Bushfood - Wattleseed Pretzel Wh*te Chocolate - VEGAN
Melbourne Bushfood

Melbourne Bushfood - Wattleseed Pretzel Wh*te Chocolate - VEGAN

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Masterfully blended with rich white chocolate combined with crunchy Wattleseed and salty pretzels, this tantalising block has a creamy sweet & salty finish that will leave you drooling for more! Oh, and it's 100% vegan!! 

Plastic Free Packaging – inner ‘plastic’ is made using biodegradable film derived from corn.

Summer Shipping: During warmer months we ship all chocolates in insulated packaging with icepacks to help prevent melting, we strongly suggest you select Express Shipping during this time.


Bespoke Australian flavours made in small batches by us, right here in Melbourne by Melbourne Bushfood.

Vegan Wh*t Chocolate (sugar, cocoa butter, tapioca starch, soy flour, chicory fibre, emulsifier [sunflower lecithin], natural flavours). Pretzels (corn starch, vegetable oil, potato starch, sea salt, sugar, emulsifiers [soy lecithin], sodium bicarbonate, yeast extract, citric acid). Wattlseed contains soy. May contain gluten and nuts.



We're on a social crusade to put Aussie natives in bellies across the world whilst supporting the small farmers, non-for-profits and Indigenous Communities who supply us.


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