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Takefuji - Plate Hakame 13.5cm - Brown

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TAKEFUJI was established by Eriko Takefuji who now lives in Adelaide. She has nurtured a strong passion for Japanese pottery for over 20 years.

Born in Kyushu island in southern Japan, where over 20% of ceramic production regions in the country are located, she lived close to authentic ceramics throughout her childhood. One of her favourite toys was a miniature tea set made of Arita porcelain. Her parents would take her and her sister to the annual Arita Ceramics Festival, which has a history of over 100 years and attracts more than a million people from all over Japan. Year after year, the family always contentedly returned home from the festival fully loaded with sets of beautiful plates and cups.

Very popular Hakeme plates, one of which has a more brown colour.

Hakeme is one of the popular patterns of Onta ware, which is painted with white clay on to a clay ceramic body.