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  • Sasawashi Beanie - Navy - Ensemble Studios


Sasawashi Beanie - Navy

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A ribbed beanie to keep your head warm in cold weather. Made from Sasawashi fibers and wool.

Made with Sasawashi’s all-natural technical fibers, this unisex beanie keeps you warm and comfortable in the dipping temperatures. The subtly revolutionary design features a ribbed wool front and an inside layer made from performance-ready Sasawashi fibers. These fibers are woven with washi paper threads, which provides layers of thermal insulation to keep your head warm without overheating. The inner Sasawashi texture also provides frictionless traction against the scalp, preventing the beanie from sliding off during use. Stylish and comfortable, this classic beanie is a daily staple that you’ll enjoy winter-long, year after year.

Unisex. One size fits all.

Materials: Outer: 100% Wool, Inner: Sasawashi fabric (70% Washi Paper, 30% Rayon)
Dimensions: One size fits all. 
Care: Hand wash. Do not bleach or tumble dry.
made in Osaka, Japan