• Veraison Mag - Volume III - Ensemble Studios
  • Veraison Mag - Volume III - Ensemble Studios

Veraison Mag

Veraison Mag - Volume III

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Volume III of Veraison has been created entirely by people of diverse backgrounds within the wine community. Here, we reflect on our experiences and challenge the conventions of wine which have historically made wine exclusive. The volume opens with visual essays about exotic fruits, community and racism. We then speak to Jess and Paul of Blackhearts & Sparrows about their heritage and the origins of their wine journey. The politics of Asian flush is discussed. The Chinese wine industry as well as the US wine landscape are explored through historical lenses. In this issue, we challenge the Eurocentric nature of wine tasting and celebrate the diversity of palates through our blindfolded tastings.

As always, Volume III concludes with recipes and playlists by wonderful humans in Melbourne. We’re really excited to be opening the much needed conversation of diversity in wine.