Warndu - Finger Lime and River mint Loose Leaf Tea
Warndu - Finger Lime and River mint Loose Leaf Tea
Warndu - Finger Lime and River mint Loose Leaf Tea

Warndu - Finger Lime and River mint Loose Leaf Tea

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Finger Limes from our friends in Byron Bay and Native Mint grown in South Australia, hand picked and dried. Mixed with Slender and/or River Mint sourced from all over Australia (often foraged from our community) topped off with organic Peppermint from South Australia.

Rivermint (mentha australis) is a cross between peppermint and spearmint in flavour and is also a wonderful medicinal herb. Slender Mint (Mentha diemenica) occurs in grassland and forest habitats from the Mt Lofty Ranges in South Australia, throughout Victoria and Tasmania, and north to the Blue Mountains of New South Wales.


◎ Taste profile:This tea has hints of stewed rhubarb, citrus and has a beautiful pink colour when brewed

◎ Shelf Life: 12 months

◎ Serving Size:  Each 25g approximately 10-15 small cups of tea. Each 50 g is approximately 40 cups of tea. 

You will need a strainer or tea pot and the Davidson plum may cloy a little in the strainer.   

All of our teas are hand-blended with freshly ground products to ensure a perfect balance of Native Australian flavours.

This is loose leaf caffeine-free tea made from premium dried herbs and fruits.

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