We the Wild: Grow Concertrate
We the Wild: Grow Concertrate
We the Wild: Grow Concertrate
Emma Sadie Thomson

We the Wild: Grow Concertrate

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A highly active and safe plant food, designed for fast absorption from We the Wild.

Packed with bacteria, enzymes, and nutrients for fast growth, strong roots, and healthy plants.


A potent blend of 18+ organic elements is diverted from landfill, lovingly processed by Australian worms, and brewed for a plantpowering kick! All products are certified by NASAA Organic (5544M)


How it works:

  1. Dilute into watering can and soak the soil. This transforms it into a nutrient-diverse and microbial plant powerhouse.

  2. Watch as the 18 organic ingredients, 60+ micronutrients and 30+ strains of beneficial bacteria and fungi kickstart your plants' natural function.

  3. Enjoy the speedy growth, strong roots and increased stress resistance that the biodiversity provides.


A collaborative work-space with Goods Studios, BB Shoemaker and Emma Sadie Thomson.

Ensemble Studios is a workshop, retail and gallery space for like-minded designers to come together, to create and showcase their work. located in The Adelaide Hills, South Australia, Ensemble is a curation of locally made, sustainable clothing, shoes, accessories, jewellery, plants and home wears, focusing on a refined minimalist aesthetic, with an emphasis on nature, the environment and the use of natural materials. Ensemble aims to facilitate and celebrate artists and designers who explore and employ sustainable art practices. 

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Piccadilly, South Australia.