Noosa Basics - Natural Intimacy Oil - 100ml
Noosa Basics - Natural Intimacy Oil - 100ml
Noosa Basics

Noosa Basics - Natural Intimacy Oil - 100ml

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Noosa Basics Truly Natural Intimacy Oil to enhance your pleasure.

Noosa Basic's rich blend of organic oils with antibacterial and antimicotic properties nourish and protect skin, enhance pleasure giving a velvety sensual feel. Cannot be used with latex condoms or products. 

With only 5 ingredients including virgin coconut oil, sunflower seed oil, fractionated coconut oil, hemp seed oil and GMO-free vitamin E

  1. 100% Natural with only 5 ingredients
  2. Vegan and certified cruelty-free
  3. Hand made in Australia in small batches
  4. Free of alcohol, silicone, parabens and phthalates

Directions: Use generously and apply where desired.Do not use with latex condoms/products. Can safely be used with condoms made from lambskin and polyurethane.We recommend using this product within 12-24 months. 

Organic Virgin Coconut oil, Organic Sunflower oil, Hemp oil and Fractionated coconut oil... That's it, Nothing else!

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